Vocabulary Cards for Kids (2~12 yrs)

A friend of mine who is a English teacher in primary school asked me a favour to design some vocabulary cards for his pupils. He picked 50 basic words and provided me a sample card he wanted the product to look like:


I looked through his wordlist and thought colour coding would be a good idea. We discussed this and he was happy to group the words by concept domains:


He required some illustration on the cards, which makes sense, because multimedia learning materials can aid cognition, and colourful illustrations could make the learning process less formal and more fun. However considering the workload and the time I had available (this work was voluntary and unpaid, and I was doing my dissertation in the meantime), in terms of illustrations I decided to assign a single illustration to every concept group rather than illustrate every word.

family nature society school

“My client”(my friend and his colleagues) were quite happy about my product, but the learning outcome pends to be tested.




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