Unfold Sussex

(Sept. 2015  – Nov. 2015)

I had great time doing this group project during the first semester of my MSc course. Aimed at acquiring a first-hand practise of whole UCD process, we went through from concept design, user research, prototype iteration to product evaluation.

We designed an information consolidation App which serves browsing and keyword searching for a variety of “campus treasures” such as interesting shops and school events. We also included active functions such as customising feeds and creating users’ own contents.

User Research Materials:

  • Questionnaire

We designed a brief questionnaire, which I revised the layout based on our discussion results. I paid special attention to grouping and phrasing the questions, in order to get the most from it.

  • Persona & Scenario

Personas and user scenarios were created to enrich the product concept in design phase.

Prototype Evolution:

Prototyping was the most enjoyable part for all of us. I and Adam created low and mid-fidelity prototypes for main menus and login screens respectively. The prototypes proved to be fully-interactive and had smooth workflow, as all the tests went pretty smooth. The mid-fi prototype provided a good blueprint for hi-fi prototype design, as most of the layouts were followed but still considerable creative space left for our graphic designer.