China Mobile SIM Retail (Android)

(Aug. 2014 – Jan. 2015)

I worked on this project as a product intern with my seniors during my stay in TDC Digital Technology(Shenyang, China). This Android App was designed to improve SIM retail procedure for ChinaMobile, one of the biggest communication companies in China. Due to the region where this project was carried out, currently this app is not available on Google Play.

This app was designed for automising SIM retail procedure and improving its efficiency. China has the policy of registering tele-communication number with the number-owner’s authentic identification. Previously the retail of SIM card was operated by different individuals at separated places: one person works in retail stores with the client, gets his/her ID number and picture; then passes those informations to the other person who can register them into the server in China mobile control centre.

The automisation was fulfilled by doing the data collection with online form filling & automatic data uploading. Then the workers in control centre can be freed from mechanical data registering task.



function list

function list

ID upload

data uploading